MAG TM2295-Ua1

alaTest zebrał i przeanalizował 7 opinii użytkowników z magazynów i stron. Ludziom podoba się wygląd i jakość obrazu. Dźwięk jest również bardzo dobra ale niektórzy mają wątpliwości co do rozmiaru.

ceny, dzwięku, jakości obrazu, wyglądu

funkcjonalności, pilota, niskie zużycie, rozmiaru

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Priced right for a 22" TV


First of all, this is a $180 TV. Wish I had looked here first. I Bought 2 elsewhere at $200 each and had some free after rebate wall mounts to mount on kids rooms. They love it. Picture and sound quality is what to be expected for the price

Not really a con once you set your expectations right. This IS a $180 TV. So the picture and sound quality is in line, if not better, in my opinion, to what I paid for


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Settings don't save


I'd be pretty happy with this TV if it worked :-(

This was the best priced 22' TV I could find. Display and sound great for a dorm room. Newegg was supper fast with the shipping

Got the first one and the settings would not save after it was powered off. Newegg wanted me to contact Mag first who asked for the product # (which was in original email) and then never answered. Newegg sent me a new one and it had a defective stand...


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Video Review


Buy it for the speed, quality, quiet operation and Plexor name. Install the Roxio software at your own risk.

Fast Drive, Quiet, Stylish Black design. Front tray door is gloss black, rest of drive is matte - nice high end look. SATA connection, Burns CD's at 48x easily

The software should be banned. I installed the software and it immediately conflicted with my monitor drivers - I started getting lines across the screen. When I tried to use the Roxio software - BAM - Bluescreen of memory death. I spent two hours...


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What you would expect for the price


This is a great option for a bedroom/work room TV. 480p DVD looks great over component, OTA HD is more than adequate. Others who bash this may have been expecting to get $400 worth out of a $200 TV. Get over it.

Cheap, especially if you can get this as an Open Box. Picture quality is more than acceptable but not excellent, ditto for the sound. Pixelation on fast moving images for OTA HD is noticeable but not excessive

Can't adjust horizontal or vertical position of image which at times leaves a black space at the bottom of the screen depending on if you are zoomed or full-frame. Remote is mediocre, as other reviewers have noted settings don't save from powering off...


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lets see.. its cheap... and you get what you pay for ; so pretty much nothing

Picture sucks,sound sucks..if you use any other input than the regular colax you have to select the input on the remote EVERY SINGLE TIME you turn it on. it resets it self regularly so all video and audio settings i spend 20 mins adjusting are lost...


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Be prepared to waste money


If you do buy one , good luck .

To day this day it had the most beautiful picture I have ever seen on a TV . It picked up more channels than any TV I have owned . It had all the connections you could want . If I would have written a review after 30 days there would not have been...

After a little over a month the TV monitor would not power on . I tried everything I could think of , I then called technical support and I tried everything they could think , all to no avail . So the only option would be to ship it back at my expense...


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This isn't the best TV Ive seen but you cant expect a lot from a off brand, 230 dollar TV. Got this for the younger brothers room. Used mostly for watching TV and playing Nintendo Wii. Definitely not a TV for high def gaming or anything that requires...

Low Price. Decently clear picture when not displaying darker scenes. Can display 720p HD picture. DTV ready. Decent sound

A LOT of back light bleed on the sides of the display, especially noticeable on dark scenes. Simple menus and appearance, nothing impressive


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