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Opinie eksperta : Ross Catanzariti (goodgearguide.com.au)

Withings Pulse activity tracker (preview)


The Withings Pulse is a small activity tracker that can measure your heart rate

Heart rate measurement ; Wireless sync via Bluetooth ; 14-day battery life

Not waterproof or water resistant ; Sleep tracking needs manual activation ; No word on AU release

The Withings Pulse is a small activity tracker with an OLED screen, and offers the ability to measure your heart rate.


Opinie eksperta (engadget.com)

Withings Pulse review


Withings has crafted an excellent piece of hardware that might actually beat the Fitbit One at its own game. We just wish the company would add more motivational tools to its companion app.

Small and unobtrusive ; Excellent battery life

Heart rate tracking will be a gimmick for most ; Rubberized coating chips easily ; Companion app offers little in the way of motivation

As you may have gathered, we generally like the Pulse, but it has some problems that could ultimately hamper its success. First, unless you're deeply worried or you're under medical guidance, it's probably not healthy to constantly monitor your heart...


Opinie eksperta : Michael Sawh (trustedreviews.com)

Withings Pulse


The smart activity tracker beats the competition at the first attempt

Compact design ; Easy to use ; Great battery life ; Useful heart rate monitor

No syncing via USB ; Screen brightness is poor

The desktop application offers the same information but offers more detailed data for sleep and activity tracking. Here you can see sleep and activity broken down precisely by the half hour. You can quickly establish how many calories you’ve burnt in...


Opinie eksperta : Mat Honan (wired.com)

Review: Withings Pulse


The new portable -- but not wearable -- fitness-tracking device from Withings has a better set of features than competing devices. Just don't forget to...

Excellent on-device display. Supremely accurate step counts. Pulse monitoring scans next level fitness indication. Excellent tool for weight loss when combined with Withings’ scale

Attachable, not wearable. I’d tell you how many steps I took today, but I left it in my other pair of pants. Less sensitive in the night than a late show comedy


Opinie eksperta : Scott Stein (cnet.com)

Withings Pulse review


"Wearable tech" circa 2013 seems to break down into either experimental gadgets ( smartwatches , Google Glass , and the like), or health gear. The Withings Pulse falls into that latter category. It's a small black Bluetooth-enabled pedometer that joins...

The Withings Pulse packs a pedometer, heart rate monitor, and sleep tracker into a tiny little black slab that syncs wirelessly with Android devices and iPhones. It also supports lots of connected apps.

Can't read screen in direct sunlight; no Windows or Mac syncing; not water-resistant.

Despite a few design quibbles, the Withings Pulse is one of the best wireless pedometers to date.


Editor's Choice

Opinie eksperta : Eugene Kim (pcmag.com)

Withings Pulse


The Withings Pulse takes everything you love about existing top-notch activity trackers and adds a nifty built-in heart rate sensor, giving you a more comprehensive picture of your overall health.

Slick design. Useful display. Records steps, distance, feet climbed, heart rate, and more. Tracks sleep patterns. Can display last 14 days' worth of information.

Clunky clip. Finicky automatic syncing. No silent alarm.

(Next page: Activty Tracker Meets Heart Rate Monitor)


Opinie eksperta : Dann Berg (theverge.com)

Withings Pulse review


The walking portion of my daily commute got a lot shorter when I started at The Verge. The subway used to drop me one avenue and three city blocks from my previous office, and the walk added about 4,000 steps to my daily average without any extra...

Collects a ton of information ; Automatically tracks runs ; Helpful reminders ; App connects to third-party services

Touchscreen is sluggish ; Heart rate reader is finicky ; No low-battery warning ; Requires a lot of work

You've got all the numbers. Now what?

Opinie eksperta : Mike Lowe (pocket-lint.com)

Withings Pulse activity tracker review


Wearable tech and fitness products go hand in hand. When it comes to pedometers to track your walking - the idea being to focus on fitness to some degree - there are many to consider, including the Withings Pulse activity tracker. For all its good...

It weighs 8g, small size, plenty of information (when it works), smartphone Bluetooth sync and app support, online data analytics, keep an eye on your walking progress, full Withings ecosystem available

So small and light it's easy to misplace, pulse element ceased to work on occasion, won't accurately measure cycling as steps, battery life should be better, not waterproof, inaccurate measures, not a full-time heart rate monitor

For all its good Pulse hasn't totally connected with us. But then it might with you. It's all about where you're at.


Opinie eksperta : Michael A. Prospero (laptopmag.com)

Withings Pulse Review


The Withings Pulse is a small fitness gadget you can wear on your wrist or belt that tracks your daily activity, heart rate and sleep patterns.

Small and light design; Colorful, intuitive app; Heart rate monitor easy to use; Can be worn on wrist or belt

Hard to see and use screen when in wristband

The Withings Pulse is a small fitness gadget you can wear on your wrist or belt that tracks your daily activity, heart rate and sleep patterns.


Opinie eksperta : Rob Temple (techradar.com)

Withings Pulse Ox review


Pulse tracking and blood oxygen tracking add little but this is still an inviting wrist wrangler

Strong design, and can be clipped around the body if you don't want it as a watch ; Easy to use ; Fun, bright-'n'-breezy, informative app ; Accurate enough step counting

Another sleep tracker that seems to just measure how long you're horizontal ; Despite the name, blood oxygen levels aren't a big part of this device's allure ; Has pretensions/potential to be a proper runner's tool, but doesn't really deliver on that

With excellent battery and at an attractive price, this is another very strong fitness tracker, so long as you don't mind the inherent limitations of this kind of device