Samsung Gear Live (SM-R382)

Samsung Gear Live (SM-R382)
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alaTest hat 3 Kundenbewertungen für Samsung Gear Live (SM-R382) von zusammengefasst und analysiert. Im Durchschnitt wurde das Produkt mit 4.3/5 bewertet, verglichen mit einer durchschnittlichen Bewertung von 3.9/5 für andere Produkte auf

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alaTest ha raccolto ed analizzato 1 recensioni utente su Samsung Gear Live (SM-R382) da La media della valutazione utenti per questo prodotto è 4.0/5, confrontata con la media della valutazione di 4.2/5 per altri prodotti su

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Opinie eksperta : Michael Sawh (

Samsung Gear Live


Samsung is the best Android Wear watch to buy for now…

Clean, attractive design ; Bright, vibrant screen ; Comfortable to wear with exchangeable straps

Problems syncing apps to Gear Live ; Only a day battery life ; Poor selection of watch faces ; Navigation still temperamental

It's not clear how involved Google was in the hardware development, but it can't be a coincidence that specs for the first two Android Wear smartwatches are so similar and will be interesting to see if the Moto 360 and future watches follow suit.


Opinie eksperta : Nick Mokey (

Samsung Gear Live review


Despite sporting the best hardware of any smartwatch so far, Samsung's Gear still suffers from the rough edges of Android Wear, and lacks real-life utility.

I intentionally took my time with the Samsung Gear Live review because I wanted to see how it could integrate into my life, rather than just evaluating it on what it could and couldn’t do out of the box.


Opinie eksperta : Brad Molen (

Android Wear review: Taking smartwatches in the right direction


When I was a tiny tot, I watched Knight Rider and pretended I was Michael Knight, talking to KITT on my watch. Yet now that there are real-life watches t

Good Android Wear performance ; Swappable wrist straps ; Water-resistant ; Better display than competition ; More comfortable than G Watch

Horrible battery life ; Compatible with only newer Android devices ; Charging cradle is a mess ; Harder to read in sunlight

If you have to get an Android Wear device right now, the Samsung Gear Live is your best option. It's sleek, looks decent and performs well, but you'll want to get a new wristband for it right away. Unfortunately, you'll also need to charge it every night.


Opinie eksperta : Jon Phillips (

Jon Phillips


The right price ; More interesting industrial design than the G Watch ; Better display specs than G Watch

Almost illegible display in sunlight ; Annoying strap and charging adapter ; Poor battery life

The Gear Live is the best hardware expression of the world's best smartwatch OS. But Samsung's reign will be short unless it innovates in key areas.


Opinie eksperta : Mat Honan (

Review: Samsung Gear Live


For years now, smart watches like Samsung's Gear Live have been "coming soon." Well, here they are. And it's worth thinking about what they do,...

An efficient way to deal with notifications. Raises voice commands to a new high—especially sending text messages or asking Google Now for something. Not unpretty. I expect app-makers to figure out some cool new interactions down the road

Terrible battery life. Crummy charger. It listens well, but it can’t play audio. Nor can it take a picture or run a video chat. Screen is too dim for sunny days. Blips on and off awkwardly in the dark if you forget to mute it


Opinie eksperta : Alex Colon (

Samsung Gear Live


The Samsung Gear Live puts Google Now on your wrist with Android Wear, but we're still waiting for the first must-have smartwatch.

Nifty Google Now functionality. Heart-rate monitor. Works with standard watchbands.

Short battery life. Few apps available. Bulky. Android Wear lacks a Back button. Not a particularly comfortable fit.


Opinie eksperta : Scott Stein (

Samsung Gear Live review


I wake up. My watch is buzzing. It's my alarm. I also see it's going to be nice outside today. An email I was expecting last night came through, too. I'm ready to get ready to go, but I also just noticed that my watch battery icon's red, almost empty....

The Gear Live has a clean metal body, more features for the price than the LG watch, works with many Android phones (4.3 or later), has impressive Google Voice recognition, and could have an interesting variety of apps sooner than later.

Terrible battery life; a display that doesn't work in bright sunlight; a strange card-based notification system that doesn't always pop up with the info you want; annoying snap-on charger that's not easy to attach.

Samsung's new smartwatch feels like its other Gears, but injected with Google's new Android Wear software. The makeover means better Google phone connectedness, but it's not a killer smartwatch.


Opinie eksperta : David Pierce (

LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live review: the first Google watches


I've been looking at my phone a lot less recently. Normally, no buzz in my pocket can go un-checked, no news alert or Snapchat unseen. But thanks to these watches I've been wearing, my phone spends...

A few useful extra features ; Swappable bands ; It tells the time

Weak battery life ; Screen is impossible to see outside ; Chunky design

It's smart enough, but not watch enough


Opinie eksperta (

Samsung Gear Live review


Is the Samsung Gear Live the best Android Wear watch?

Heart rate monitor included ; Sleeker than the G Watch ; Makes up for large phone size

Clasp hard to fasten ; Software needs tuning ; Battery life is awful

Opinie eksperta : Luke Edwards (

Samsung Gear Live review


The Samsung Gear Live is the company's first smartwatch to run on Google's Android Wear platform, but the third operating system that the Korean company has utilised throughout its sometimes experimental smartwatch campaign. Practice makes perfect...

Comfortable, well-sized, excellent screen, works with most Android devices, built-in heart rate sensor

Battery lasts a day at best, not enough watch faces, app access can be awkward, voice-centric control, Android Wear not the vision it could (and hopefully will) be

Of all the current Android Wear smartwatches on the market the Samsung Gear Live has the best design of the bunch. We like the idea of the Moto 360's round face, but some design blips on its behalf see the Samsung take top spot in the design ranks for...