Apple Watch Series 1 (2016)

Apple Watch Series 1 (2016)
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Opinie eksperta : Tony Ibrahim (

Apple Watch review: saving time


The smartwatch that's supposed to jump-start the category

Two sizes ; Excellent build quality ; Refined interface ; Customisable ; Water resistant

Premium pricing ; A day battery life ; Thick watch body


DT Editors' Choice

Opinie eksperta : Andy Boxall (

Apple Watch review (Updated for OS 2.0)


The Apple Watch is the best smartwatch we've used, and the first that feels friendly and has character. Watch OS 2.0 adds needed app and Siri abilities.

A few months into its release, it’s still difficult to say whether the Apple Watch is going to break into the mainstream. It’s also too early to say whether our initial warmth toward it is because it’s new and fun. Only more time spent with the new...


Opinie eksperta : Michael Sawh (

Apple Watch


Apple may not be the first technology company to release a smartwatch, however, it is debatably the first to generate any significant interest about a wearable.

Best-looking smartwatch so far ; Force Touch well integrated ; Digital Crown is a useful addition ; Comfortable to wear

Unintuitive and buggy software ; Significantly drains iPhone battery ; Third-party apps need work ; Some gimmicky features


Opinie eksperta (

Apple Watch review: a status symbol for iOS devotees


The Watch is the nicest smartwatch available, but it's more status symbol than wearable revolutionary. Most of the Watch's features can be categorized as nice to have (at best) or superfluous (at worst). As such, if you're not enamored with the Watch's...

Finely crafted hardware ; Strong app support ; Lots of personalization options ; Easy-to-use fitness tracking ; Best smartwatch available

Third-party apps can feel sluggish ; Some users will crave more control over notification settings ; Expensive

I don't think the Watch is for me. While I appreciate the thoughtfulness, quality and ingenuity of the hardware design, it's just not my style. Also, getting a Watch means locking one's self into an iPhone universe, and while it's an excellent handset,...


Opinie eksperta : Alex Colon (

Apple Watch Series 1


The Apple Watch is the best smartwatch yet, but it's more of a luxury item than a replacement for your Timex.

Attractive design. Secure, comfortable fit. Plenty of third-party apps.

Expensive. Average battery life. Little functionality without connected iPhone.

Conclusions I definitely enjoyed my time with the Apple Watch, but I still don't think it's a replacement for my trusty old Timex. After all, the $699 model of the watch I reviewed is the same version I would want to buy, and I just can't see myself...


Opinie eksperta : Scott Stein (

Apple Watch Series 1 review


You don't need a smartwatch. And if you think you do, paying more than a couple of hundred dollars feels pretty hard to swallow.

Same storage space, speed, and basic functions of Apple Watch Series 2, but for less money. WatchOS 3 is much-improved software over last year.

Lacks swim-ready water resistance and onboard GPS found in Series 2 models. Only comes in aluminum models.

Apple's step-down Apple Watch has everything most people would need at a more affordable price.


Opinie eksperta : Scott Stein (

Apple Watch review


I'm up early to try to kickstart a habit at the gym, trying to teach myself to like the routine. My phone and wallet and car keys get in the way; I like to come here as minimalist as possible. My watch is the only thing that feels natural and it's...

Beautifully constructed. Handles messages well. A solid fitness tracker. Hundreds of apps. Can send and receive voice calls via an iPhone. Lots of design choices. Apple Pay-enabled. Stores music for local playback over Bluetooth.

Battery only lasts a little more than a day. Most models and configurations cost more than they should. Requires an iPhone to work. Interface can be confusing. Many apps load slowly. Lacks built-in GPS.

A year old and even more affordable, the Apple Watch remains the best designed and most capable smartwatch you can buy -- but we're hoping that the inevitable sequel makes it more of a must-have product.


Opinie eksperta : T3 Online (

Apple Watch review updated a year on: still the best smartwatch around


The Apple Watch certainly wasn't the first smartwatch, but it was the most well-known and popular.

Great design ; Lovely screen ; Accurate voice recogntion

Hard to learn interface ; Limited useful apps

Apple has definitely made the smartwatch appeal to the mainstream in a way that Pebble and Android Wear didn’t.


Opinie eksperta (

Apple Watch 42mm Stainless Steel Case ( Stone Leather Loop)


Smartwatches are like that. People don't need another thing that has a screen, needs frequent charging, and costs as much as some phones or tablets . But the Apple Watch still represents some of the most forward-looking ideas in what it'll mean to be...

The Apple Watch is a beautifully constructed, compact smartwatch. It's feature-packed, with solid fitness software, hundreds of apps, and the ability to send and receive calls via an iPhone.

Battery only lasts a little more than a day; most models and configurations cost more than they should; requires an iPhone 5 or later to work; interface can be confusing; sometimes slow to communicate with a paired iPhone.

The Apple Watch is the most ambitious, well-constructed smartwatch ever seen, but first-gen shortfalls make it feel more like a fashionable toy than a necessary tool.


Opinie eksperta : What Hi-Fi? (

Apple Watch hands on


With the launch of Apple Music last week, we've been spending some time with the Apple Watch to find out how good it is for listening to music, and how useful it is as the main controller for your audio/video system.

So the $64m question: do you need an Apple Watch? Simple answer, no. Like all Apple products it is beautifully made, does all sorts of clever things and is a big talking point with friends and colleagues. But it is expensive (the cheapest version is...