Voyetra Turtle Beach- Inc TBS-2054 Ear Force Z1 Pc Stereo Headset

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Opinie użytkowników: Cheef (newegg.com)

Not reccomended


It was definitely very good the first few months I owned it, very good sound quality and great virtual surround environment

They broke after a few months of VERY careful use, I read the reviews and thought "these people just didn't care about their headset, I will take lots of care of mine" didn't work. I had a little hanger i put them on to ensure they wouldn't touch...


Opinie użytkowników: N/A (newegg.com)

Falling Apart


Sound quality was okay. Headphones are large enough and clamp down hard enough that it blocks most sound out for good immersion

Things are literally falling apart. Either cheap material or poor manufacturing (injection molding) process. Had to tape one earphone on after a few months of use, and the other just fell off, separated at the plastic with no force or stress on it. I...


Opinie użytkowników: N/A (newegg.com)



Do Not Buy this low quality garbage

Decent sound and worked good for online FPS multiplayer

Very poor construction. Both ear swivels broke within 2 months of careful use. Currently using a 6 dollar headset (with no mic) and they are more solid than the turtle beach combo


Opinie użytkowników: Steph (newegg.com)



Bought at Walmart as well. Broke 2weeks later. The joint where the plastic post connects to the earpiece's semi-circular swivel snapped due to excessive tension. The plastic post is only connected by a thin outer edge to the earpiece swivel. I do not...

Sound Really good

Plastic is Junk


Opinie użytkowników: Red (newegg.com)

im really sad


maybe i should of went with a microsoft headset insted of these things

they where good at first well for the first 2 months of use. I bought them at walmart for $29.99 and i was so happy then i went sad

the 2nd month the right ear swivle peace snapped so i broke out the super glue i wear glasses so its hard to find some good headphones they where so conferrable then its like the padding just got less and less now after less then 3 hours of watching...


Opinie użytkowników: Nekko (newegg.com)

They were the best I'd own...for just over 3 months


I'd heard about Turtle beach from the most expensive headsets which got positive reviews. I figured I would try a set to see how they really were. They were fantastic for a while other than the fact they made my ears hurt. By the end of the first month...

great sound

Hurt my ears, both ear cups broke with in a month without rough handling, cord suddenly shorted out killing all sound


Opinie użytkowników: Sirc146 (newegg.com)



Overall I am highly satisfied and would recommend these to friends.

Sound quality is amazing for the price, Noise canceling works very well bought 2 pairs, one set came broken at the base, plastic is weak around the earphones base handle with care and they will last along time

Weak plastic will not withstand rough handling


Opinie użytkowników: N/A (newegg.com)

Broke after 2 months!


The folding earphones are pointless to me. They make it impossible to put on the earphones with one hand, and they are fragile: a piece of plastic held in with two screws broke right off when I simply slid the headphones off my head like I always do....

Mostly comfortable ; Mic swivel is great ; Very good sound quality ; In-line volume control

Can't put on head with one hand ; Swiveling earphones are very fiddly, more trouble than it's worth


Opinie użytkowników: Lokust (newegg.com)

Broke after less than 5 hours of use


Cheap construction, would not recommend to anyone.

Comfortable and sounded great until it broke

The headphones on this unit swivel to fit your ears better. The problem is that the swivel bracket on the right side broke off while I was wearing it. The only real fix option due to the small size of the piece is to superglue it, thereby killing the...


Opinie użytkowników: nsane (newegg.com)

/me likes... so far...


Watch the cord screw up AFTER the 1-year warranty is over :P

Comfortable, with soft padding, so they don't hurt your head/ears after long periods. Good sound quality, especially in games, with descent levels - same goes for the mic. Very long cord with a Velcro strap, if you don't use all of it. Both of the...

Not sure if this is a con, yet, but the cord feels kind of thin compared to other headsets I've owned. But it is kind of soft so it may have some flex to it. Only time will tell