Sennheiser IE 8

alaTest zebrał i przeanalizował 492 opinii użytkowników z magazynów i stron. Ludziom podoba się funkcjonalność i cena. Dźwięk jest również bardzo dobra.

dzwięku, ceny, funkcjonalności

Eksperci oceniają ten produkt na 87/100 a użytkownicy na 88/100. Przeanalizowaliśmy te oceny, wiek produktu i inne czynniki. W porównaniu do innych produktów z kategorii Słuchawki, Sennheiser IE 8 uzyskał ogólny alaScore™ 91/100 = jakość Celująca.

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Sennheiser IE 800 in-ear headphones review


Say hello to the Sennheiser IE 800 in-ear headphones. Now wave goodbye to £600 or, for our American friends, $1000.

Impressive soundscape at sensible volumes, better bass response than any in-ear we've heard before, top-spec build, super-clear, crisp vocals

Treble unpleasantly cutting at higher volumes, can therefore be fatiguing, extremely pricey, finicky fit, bass will be too impactful for some, short cable, poor splitter placement

The Sennheiser IE 800 in-ear headphones are astounding, yet have their imperfections too. Top-end won't sound so top at higher volumes, but then music shouldn't be listened to at eardrum-tearing levels.

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Sennheiser IE 800 review: Hands-on


The Sennheiser IE 800 in-ear headphones are the audio expert's new flagship model, coming in at double the price of last year's Sennheiser IE 80s

As the most expensive in-ears we’ve played with, the Sennhesier IE 800s manage to beat all comers and the closest rivals are pro audio Shure headphones with custom ear-moulds, the kind of headphones you see live musicians use during concerts. The IE...

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Sennheiser IE8 review


With a proven track record with in-ear 'phones, can Sennheiser's top dog rule the pound?

Detailed sound ; Good accessories ; Bass tweaking


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Sennheiser IE 800


The Sennheiser IE 800 is the most expensive non-custom-molded in-canal earphone pair we've reviewed, and it earns its price with excellent audio performance.

Superb audio performance through the frequency range, with rich lows and clear, vibrant mids and highs. Thoughtfully designed ear tips are easy to swap out, clean. Protective filters keep outside elements away from drivers

Extremely expensive. Cable is not fully detachable—hardwired to ear pieces

Somehow, there's the perception that extremely high quality audio should be inexpensive to buy, whether through speakers or earphones, while a high quality television should naturally set you back about a thousand bucks. I get it—we're a visual...

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Sennheiser IE 800


Ears-on preview: Are Sennheiser's most expensive in-ear headphones worth £599?

The Senneheiser IE 800 will be available from later this month from carefully-selected retailers for £599.

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Sennheiser IE8 In-Ear Headphones


Sennheiser claims its new top of the range earphones can compete with the best from any other manufacturer. Ed puts them to the test.

want is all that's needed.


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Sennheiser IE8i


Are these the best earphones for discerning bassheads?

Deep, punchy bass ; Customisable bass level ; Removable cable

Kinda ugly design

The Sennheiser IE8i show that earphones don't need six drivers to produce great sound. Using dynamic drivers, the low-end is more prominent here than in almost all pairs available at a similar price, but the quality of bass here is alarmingly good....


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Sennheiser IE 8 review


Most top-end headphones have stunning clarity and detail, but this can come at the cost of weak bass tones. Meanwhile, headphones with emphatic bass often lack precision at higher frequencies.

Finally, a set of high-end earphones that produce rich bass tones without overwhelming the rest of the sound

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Sennheiser IE 8i


The Sennheiser IE 8is are a newer pair of in-ears that have a few interesting features. With eight different sets of sleeves and optional ear-loops, it's not hard to see that Sennheiser really tries to make the listening experience a comfortable one....

Solid distortion performance ; Nice, even tracking

Not the greatest isolation ; Some quirks in frequency response

The Sennheiser IE 8is are a good set of in-line earbuds, albeit with a high price tag. While you’re likely to find cheaper headphones with comparable audio performance, the detachable ear buds allow for easy maintenance.

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Stuff magazine


Can Sennheiser's ultra-expensive in-ears even begin to justify their price? Actually, they can…

Expensive, but there's no finer way to drown out the cries of your bank manager