Toyota Corolla - 2004

Toyota Corolla - 2004
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Opinie użytkowników: DarienSchuh (

Excellent car for the buck ”


I bought my 2004 Toyota Corolla last month on the 4th, and I am pleased to say i fell in love woth the car. To star out with the factory inputed sound system is brillant, it is comparable to the sound system in my dad's 1997 XLE Camry. Nice deep...


Opinie użytkowników: elaphear (

I love my toyota corolla ”


what i love most of my car is that is little you can park it everywhere was our first family car and even my hubby is 6 '2 and we have to put the car seat and all we all still make it in the car isn't that great i cant ask for more.Is a great car we...


Opinie użytkowników: olgadrobot (

great car ”


Opinie użytkowników: zepoleed (

Loving my Toyota Corolla!!! ”


I first purchased my 2004 Toyota Corolla five years ago, and I just recently paid it off. This is the first new car I have ever purchased, and I am extremely pleased with the choice I made. When trying to decide what type of car I was going to buy, I...


Opinie użytkowników: tinacarmel (

Love this CAR!!! ”


Bought this car in 2004 and have not had ANY problems with it... will drive this car until the wheels fall off.


Opinie użytkowników: NURSELILT (

Great car, great price, and no major problems after 5 years!!!!! ”


I cannot say enough about my 2004 Toyota Corolla's the bomb diggity!!!!!!!  I bought my car brand new, before I really knew/heard much about Hybrid cars.  Although it's not a Hybrid, it gets 25-30mpg in the city and 35-40 miles on the...


Opinie użytkowników: speedbumpmeatpu (

Love it! ”


Runs well, great gas mileage, I highly recommend Toyotas- and Hondas, too


Opinie użytkowników: averntula (

Practical. Reliable. Great Gas Mileage! ”


I bought my Toyota Corolla last year in February, and absolutely love the car. I have not found any other car besides the Honda Civic that gets great gas mileage. My car gets between 34-36 in the city and up to 46 on the highway! With today's gas...


Opinie użytkowników: Natgray15 (

great gas, not for tall people :) ”


We are pretty tall people and this was not comfortable, but we loved the gas mileage and the overall run of the vehicle. 


Opinie użytkowników: IONION (

Safe car... Reliable ”


I had one... It worked fabulously well... Except for the brakes.... (but it was just because I'm a speed demon) I brake a lot.