Microsoft XBOX 360 SLIM + Kinect + Motion Sports + Kinect Sports + 12MTH LIVE

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Oceniający oceniają ten produkt na 87/100. Przeanalizowaliśmy te oceny, wiek produktu i inne czynniki. W porównaniu do innych produktów z kategorii Odtwarzacze MP3, Microsoft XBOX 360 SLIM + Kinect + Motion Sports + Kinect Sports + 12MTH LIVE uzyskał ogólny alaScore™ 81/100 = jakość Bardzo dobra.

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Opinie użytkowników: nhoffman (

Great System


This is a great system. It has many different levels of games to keep all ages satisfied! You can find the games at reasonable price if you look around. It has great graphics and the games look very realistic. It's the best system that we have gotten...


Opinie użytkowników: dethlord91 (

Awsome system does more than just games


i love this sytem!! it plays most original xbox games and dvds along with xbox 360 games. and xbox live keeps addinf new features like facebook youtube and netflix. if you have a kinect you can do alot more like video chat and use the kinect as the...


Opinie użytkowników: original1 (

xbox 360 Smart system is AWESOME!


One of the greatest technology that was made! It's everything you need in one. You can ascess your emails, Facebook,you tube and a lot of other great perks to keep you entertained! The Xbox 360 is family oriented and easy to operatte. You can listen to...


Opinie użytkowników: mstavros2 (

Great Game Console


It was a long time between my previous game console and this XBOX360. I am simply amazed at how technology has progressed.


Opinie użytkowników: thel4dguy100 (



Sorry this is not a review but a question: Will this HDMI cable work with tvs that ony go up to 720p?


Opinie użytkowników: familybeck (

Great product for the price!


A great quality HDMI cable which all the difference to your xbox 360 games!. A HDMI cable connection from your xbox to tv, truely makes a vast difference in both picture and sound quality (maybe more on picture over sound). BUT still begs the question,...


Opinie użytkowników: stan9662 (



To the review regarding surround sound. If your DVD player is HD and connected to the surround sound, it should have some HDMI IN ports on the back. So instead of connecting the xbox into the back of your TV connect it into the back of the DVD player...


Opinie użytkowników: Snubcactus (

maybe good BUT


Yes its quite usefull to have no wires all over the place but if you get connection probs with this item and believe me the web is full of the same problem (for some reason it doesnt work all the time with wpa2 security) you are all by yourself, i...


Opinie użytkowników: Keyswored (

Very Good


Excellent HDMI cable, very nice price and you can get a extra part if you wanna plug the sound into your surround sound for better quality


Opinie użytkowników: Sdal12 (

Good =)


Very good hdmi cabel, and sound. Worked perfectly! :D A must buy for those who have an xbox 360! The sound with my home cinamy is outstanding! ^^,