Gateway NE Series 15.6 " Black Laptop - NE56R34u

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Oceniający oceniają ten produkt na 70/100. Przeanalizowaliśmy te oceny, wiek produktu i inne czynniki. W porównaniu do innych produktów z kategorii Laptopy, Gateway NE Series 15.6 " Black Laptop - NE56R34u uzyskał ogólny alaScore™ 81/100 = jakość Bardzo dobra.

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Opinie użytkowników: N/A (

I will stay away


The Pros are, I learned a lesson by paying a lot of bucks

I logged in in order to leave this message to who earn their money through hardships ; I bought two Gateway NE56R34u for my two daughters' birthdays. One had a cracked screen some days ago, WITH NO REASON! I contacted Gateway. They said that screen...


Opinie użytkowników: N/A (

Loose Hardware upon arrival


Tried to rma but it says not eligable. I have submitted a question to newegg to see what to do, I'm sure I didn't read something when purchased but still need to send it somewhere. I haven't even turned it on.

NO idea, as soon as i picked it up loose hardware could be heard inside of case

Loose hardware right out of the package


Opinie użytkowników: Vince C. (

Great Laptop for the price


Lets face it, some people DO NOT like Win 8 in any flavor. Most are OK with it after I install Classic shell, give the a quick brief on tweaks to make 8 more to their liking and off they go. I did lose 2 sales to customers who wanted NO part of Windows...

Great features for an entry level laptop. I have sold 5 of these with all customers reporting positively...after tweaking the OS and educating the customer

Windows 8


Opinie użytkowników: N/A (

Cheap laptop for wife's school work.


Wiped the system clean and installed Windows 7.

This is pretty much a basic laptop like all the others on the market got this on sale for my wife to do her assignments from school. It's pretty light which is another reason for the purchase

Came pre-installed with Windows 8 and the usual garbage programs that comes with all laptops


Opinie użytkowników: Wirewizard (

Does it have touchscreen?


The overview is all about the pros of Windows 8 and can lead one to believe this notebook has one. Ihave to buy one to find out??

Great specs for a low end replacement for my netbook

Nothing in the details or any reviews say if this laptop has a touchscreen ; Running Windows 8 without a touchscreen is like taking a shower with a raincoat ; Does it have a touchscreen


Opinie użytkowników: Douglas (

Great laptop. A steal at 349, but worth it at normal price.


I wiped it to Linux bodhi, and am loving the speed. Mostly this is for work, not play, so consider your graphics card need accordingly. Camera has some decent Res and the screen is ridiculously bright. (I'd turn it down but I am reconfiguring the...

Sleek appearence. Lightweight (not the lightest, but reasonable) 500 gig HD. Built in camera, which I didn't even notice while ordering. So... bonus. Comes with one 4gb RAM stick, but can hold two. (Got the second for 24bucks). Starts fast, processor...

windows 8, touchpad, dual Bios modes which made it more difficult to get it to load a USB stick with new OS. Touch pad is super sensitive (like my ex)... touchy. Windows 8. (Microsoft knows they don't have to make bad OS decisions for ten years,...


Opinie użytkowników: Nabmerg (

Newegg you just do it for me :)


The only knock is the OS...not a big fan of Windows 8...but I knew that going into it :)

Newegg's shipping is the best...I ordered Tuesday, laptop shows up before Noon on Thursday! Not bad for Cali to Northern MI and the shipping was free! You cold not ask for more! I got the laptop for less than $323.00 a great deal ; This is a good basic...

If I had to pick on something the speakers/volume are not really up to par


Opinie użytkowników: PoorDad (

Great Budget Laptop / Mid Specs


More than enough power and speed for the average user. Gateway has proven to me that it builds quality, reliable products and competative prices.

Wow this thing is fast. Streamed Pandora and surfed with multiple browers open. Boots up in less than 60 seconds ; Just as fast as my Gateway NV79 (i3) & HP G6 (PhenomIIx4) ; I owned a Toshiba L855 (E-300) for 3 days prior to this purchase. (Took it...



Opinie użytkowników: N/A (

Good laptop


The laptop is fast enough for day-to-day use, and has lots of features. I like the keyboard - easy to the touch. I got this on sale and wouldn't pay the listed price, but if you catch a good sale on this, it's worth it ; I wrote this review mostly to...

No real cons. Good budget laptop


Opinie użytkowników: Don (

Gateway NE56R34u


OK price for laptop

No touch screen makes it a nonstarter for Win8