Intel Pentium 4 570 / 3.8 GHz processor

Intel Pentium 4 570 / 3.8 GHz processor
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alaTest zebrał i przeanalizował 629 opinii użytkowników z magazynów i stron. Oceniającym podoba się cena i rozmiar. Ludzie mają wątpliwości co do niezawodności.

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Eksperci oceniają ten produkt na 20/100 a użytkownicy na 96/100. Przeanalizowaliśmy te oceny, wiek produktu i inne czynniki. W porównaniu do innych produktów z kategorii Komputery stacjonarne, Intel Pentium 4 570 / 3.8 GHz processor uzyskał ogólny alaScore™ 75/100 = jakość Dobra.

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alaTest hat 2 Kundenbewertungen für Intel Pentium 4 570 / 3.8 GHz processor von zusammengefasst und analysiert. Im Durchschnitt wurde das Produkt mit 5.0/5 bewertet, verglichen mit einer durchschnittlichen Bewertung von 4.2/5 für andere Produkte in der Kategorie PC Systeme auf

100% der Kundenmeinungen auf bewerten dieses Produkt positiv.

This summary is based on the products: Intel Pentium G630T Prozessor Box (2300 MHz, L3-Cache, Sockel 1155)Intel Pentium G630T Prozessor Box (2300 MHz, L3-Cache, Sockel 1155)


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Intel Pentium 4 570 / 3.8 GHz processorのAmazon.jpレビュー概要


1ユーザーレビューをAmazon.jpのIntel Pentium 4 570 / 3.8 GHz processorよりalaTestは収集・分析しました。この製品の平均評価は5.0/5, 他のデスクトップのAmazon.jpと平均ユーザー評価を比較すると3.7/5。

100% のAmazon.jpレビューがよい製品と評価しています。


Opinie eksperta : Antti Valkeinen (

Intel P4 2.4C


In-depth review of this great overclocker. Three separate CPUs and how they managed to overclock.

Although on this review I didn't explained or tested such important features as HT or 200 MHz FSB it should be noted that they play very big role. For example if you overclock your 2 GHz celeron to 4 GHz it is still just damn slow compared to even to a...


Opinie eksperta (

Pentium 4 1.6GHz Gaming Processor


The Pentium 4 brand refers to Intel's line of single-core desktop and laptop central processing units (CPUs) introduced on November 20, 2000 and shipped through August 8, 2008. They had the 7th-generation x86 microarchitecture, called NetBurst, which...


Opinie eksperta : Frank Völkel (

Pentium 4/2200 vs. Athlon XP 2000+


Megahertzrennen: Kann der AMD Athlon XP 2000+ mit 1666 MHz dem neuen Intel Pentium 4 mit 2200 MHz das Wasser reichen?

Der Vergleich der beiden Top-Modelle von AMD und Intel bringt erstaunliches zutage: Obwohl beide Prozessoren sich voneinander unterscheiden wie beispielsweise Äpfel und Birnen, fallen die Differenzen bei den Benchmarkergebnissen - absolut betrachtet -...


Opinie eksperta : Johan De Gelas (

Intel P4 2,4 GHz vs AMD Athlon XP2.100+


Intels uitzonderlijk goede ontwikkelingstechnologie en logistieke kracht beginnen te wegen op AMD. Intel beschikt over 16 fabrieken, en overstappen naar een nieuwe ontwikkelingstechnologie gaat heel vlot. Gevolg is dat de nieuwe 2,4-GHz processor loopt...

Prestaties Op papier ziet het er heel slecht uit voor AMD: de concurrentie is 667 MHz sneller en in totaal 128 KB cache rijker. In onze labs valt het allemaal nog wel mee. Opvallend is dat de Athlon het heel goed doet tijdens onze Content Creation...


Opinie użytkowników (

Perfect for general office workstations


Other than slightly better graphics and hyper threading (if you need either of those), I see no compelling reason to spend far more on a Core i3, i5, or even i7.

Fast--very fast. Dual-core allows one thread/program to freeze without grinding your system to a halt. Very low power consumption saves on your electric bill. Low heat output reduces fan noise and extends longevity of your system (as chip lifetime is...

Not cutting edge graphics--not recommended for intensive gaming for for graphics professionals


Opinie użytkowników (

Lower Power and Cool


Rig: Intel G630t Asrock H77M ASUS DVD-RW drive 2x 3TB Western Digital Reds 8gb Gskill 1.25v Sniper (only using 4gb for lower power consumption)

1. Extremely low power (35Watt TDP) ; 2. Because it's low TDP, it's also extremely quiet, even with stock fan ; 3. Stock fan keeps CPU at 30c, granted I don't push this unit to its max ; I was looking for a decent dual core CPU for my FreeNAS file...

CPU will bottleneck your RAM speeds to 1066mhz. I knew this going in, but I still grabbed some GSkill Sniper 1.25v RAM to cut down on power consumption


Opinie użytkowników (

Good HTPC brain


This processor was an upgrade in conjunction with a motherboard an ram because I needed more SATA headers to support more hard drives my older hardware didn't support. Its appeal was the low 35W consumption over other intel processors but you pay a...

Low power consumption ; Integrated graphics ; Good speed



Opinie użytkowników (

Good buy


No issues at all ; 35 Watts, $75.....great chip for a low powered computer



Opinie użytkowników (

Not sure how this is better


I have been experimenting with different CPU's in an Antec ISK 300-150 case. I have used the G530 Celeron Dual Core, Ivy Bridge i5 3450S, and this CPU. I wanted something that would use a minimal amount of power but still provide decent performance....

Runs very cool ; Decent power

Uses as much power as a G530 Celeron ; Performs about the same as a G530 Celeron ; Costs twice as much as a G530 Celeron


Opinie użytkowników (

Great, cool, affordable CPU


Very happy with this purchase.

Runs surprisingly cool. Uses only 35W. More than enough processing power for a basic computing workstation or (in my case) a home server

Had a little trouble with the included fan - it does run a bit loud as another comment points out. Not a huge worry since the CPU runs so cool


Product Specifications

The Intel Xeon processor with 512K L2 cache is dual-processor-capable for outstanding performance on multi-threaded applications and in multitasking environments. Intel Xeon processor-based systems provide world-class performance for mechanical design, electrical design, digital content creation, and financial analysis applications. The Intel NetBurst microarchitecture with a 400-MHz data bus delivers breakthrough bandwidth for the most demanding workstation applications. The Intel Xeon processor delivers outstanding floating-point performance for enhanced 3D visualization and compute-intensive scientific calculations. Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 supports newer, more computationally-intensive graphics and visual Internet applications.


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Nag:1 / PC / Intel/Nie dotyczy / PC / 1 / Intel/PC / 1 / Intel
Obs:3 lata gwarancji
Pami:1MB/256KB/512KB/512KB / 256KB
R:Boxowany Intel / Procesor/OEM/tray / Procesor/Procesor/Procesor / Boxowany Intel

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Typ:3 lata gwarancji

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Maksymalny obsługiwany rozmiar:256KB/512KB


Cechy:2 rozszerzenia przesy/2 rozszerzenia przesy / Zestaw rozkaz/3 rozszerzenia przesy/3 rozszerzenia przesy / Execute Disable Bit capability/Technologia Hyper-Threading / 3 rozszerzenia przesy / Execute Disable Bit capability
Częstotliwość zegara:1.3GHz/1.5GHz/1.6GHz/1.7GHz/1.9GHz/2.2GHz/2.66GHz/2.8GHz/2GHz/3.2GHz
Ilość zainstalowanych:1
Liczba procesor:505/505J/520J/540J
Liczba procesorów:505/505J/520J/540J
Szybko:400 MHz/533 MHz/800 MHz
Szybkość szyny:400 MHz/533 MHz/800 MHz
Typ:Pentium 4/Xeon
Zgodne gniazda procesora:LGA775 Socket/Socket 423/Socket 478/Socket 603




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