Canon MV530i

Canon MV530i
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Canon DM-MV 530 i




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Тестирование Canon MV500i и Canon MV530i


Сказать, что сегодня цифровые камеры не редкость, значит не сказать ровным счетом ничего. Цифровики практически полностью за последние несколько лет сместили аналоговые VHS-ки, значительно уступающие им по качеству и функциональности. Большинство...

getRating(168092); Оглавление: Стр.1 - Canon MV500i. Стр.2 - Функции и настройки. Стр.3 - Canon MV530i.


Opinie użytkowników: kelly89 (



This Camcorder is OK, for the price it is acceptable but as we all know technology is getting better and cheaper by the day. You can get great quality cheap HD camcorders now for a great price. But this little beast has served me well over the years...




Opinie użytkowników: johndurrant11 (



It is a really good and a hardy camera. I would recommend it to anyone. Only thing is that you need to look after it well by servicing at least once an year and not using the same tape to re record.

I have been using this for nearly 5 years now, and I havent had a single issue still. Reading all other reviews, main problem seems to be the chewing of the tape.I havent had that after so many years, so wonder the problem is to do with the tape...

the picture quality of still pictures taken on the card are not that great


Opinie użytkowników: rodana (



Thank god for this site!! I'm actually reviewing the MV430i which I want to replace as it started chewing tapes again (been fixed for this twice under warranty at 12 month intervals). The quote to fix it is 1/2 cost of new camera and I am confident it...

video picture quality (in good light), ease of transfer to pc, came bundled with good editting software, good size/weight for the price, easy controls to use while filming

mechanical quality, whirring on recorded tape from mechanism


Opinie użytkowników: ben_twitchy (



choice peice of equipment

it has wickid as video recording, an it can zoom in far i take all my skate movies on it.

the handles a bit uncomfortable but thats about it


Opinie użytkowników: quads (

le camescope à injection


camescope de poing, facile, pas trop de boutons, des couleurs sympa, pas voyant , discret, avec son menu clair net precis il nous donne les avantages de la prise de vue sans le poids des camescopes d'hier, des k7 de bonnes qualité avec des durées...

capteurs de bonne qualité

pas de flash


Opinie użytkowników: pilicp (

Graba lo que se te ponga por delante


Una gran cámara esto es lo que pense cuando la vi.




Opinie użytkowników: NickBold (

Chi ben comincia è gi  a met  dell'opera...


DV (ovviamente usata dalla piccola Canon - anche se nel campo amatoriale si usa uno standard conosciuto come miniDV) prevede che la registrazione dei nostri video sia una sequenza di 0 e 1 cioè uno spledido file esattamente uguale a tutti quelli che...

Buonissimo rapporto qualità ; nbsp ; prezzo: un'ottima Videocamera senza cadere nel professionale

Bassa risoluzione per le foto


Opinie użytkowników: NickBold (

Chi ben comincia è già a metà dell'opera...


Buonissimo rapporto qualità prezzo: un'ottima Videocamera senza cadere nel professionale

Bassa risoluzione per le foto