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Quake 4
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Opinie eksperta : Stuart Andrews (trustedreviews.com)

Quake 4


If you can't remember how good Quake II was when you first played it, don't worry. Stuart Andrews thinks that Quake 4 will instil a sense of déjà vu.

In many respects, this is the game’s biggest selling point. Let’s make no bones about it, this engine produces the most stunning indoor environments and lighting effects around, and lends itself to the most detailed horrific and macabre creatures you...


Opinie eksperta : Spencer Dalziel (techadvisor.co.uk)

Quake 4


For a series of games with a big US convention named after it, we were surprised to see Quake 4 almost slip under the radar without any fanfare from ID or developer Raven software. Maybe it is better this way - while Quake 4 is a lot of fun, it's a...

Quake 4 is a high production value checklist of all the things you should expect to find in a first-person shooter - and it does most of these things well. But we never really connected with the single-player campaign.


Opinie eksperta : Justin Whitaker (topreviewshop.com)

Quake 4 for PC


Quake 4, the much anticipated sequel to a classic FPS game, does not disappoint.


Opinie eksperta : Jeremy Kauffman (gamesfirst.com)

Quake 4 Review


Quake 4 arrives on the Xbox 360 and all of its next-gen processing glory and gore. Built on the Doom 3 engine for super-hot graphical prowess, this time out ye olde Quake features both a single-player Strogg hunting single-player story and the intense...

Intense gameplay, good addition to the sci-fi/horror genre, great presentation

Been there, done that

NOTE: The first three screens below are taken from the XB360 version of Quake 4, and the following screens are taken from the PC version due to circumstances beyond our control. These are meant to illustrate the action of the game.


Opinie eksperta : Chris Buffa (gamedaily.com)

Quake 4 Review


Quake IV goes 360 fabulous, courtesy a decent PC-to-Console porting job.

Quake 4 should be renamed "resting on our laurels" because there's nothing about it that jumps out at me. The single player game is cookie cutter and the multiplayer cowers in fear from the shadow of the upcoming PC title, Enemy Territory. I like the...



Opinie eksperta : Nick Haywood (hexus.net)

Quake 4


It took some time but we finally convinced Nick Haywood this wasn't a Richter Scale measurement… beating it into him with a brick would've been quicker This is the game that surely needs no introduction, yes? Alright, alright, I'll give you a very...

It's the continuation of Quake 2, Nicely rendered realisation of the Strogg homeworld, Lots of blasting action, Vehicle based combat adds variety, Effective squad play makes a difference, It's the continuation of Quake 2, Nicely rendered realisation of...

Run and Gun gameplay looking dated, Lack of interactivity in the game world, Brings little new to the series, Run and Gun gameplay looking dated, Lack of interactivity in the game world, Brings little new to the series

So what we've got here is some extremely playable run and gun action nicely rendered in the Doom 3 engine. The addition of vehicle based combat with the hover tank adds a nice variation in the gameplay as do the truck based sections where you just have...


Opinie eksperta : Edward Love (gamer20.com)

PC - Quake 4 Preview


Doom 3's

Aside from Deathmatch, Quake 4 will feature tried-and-tested multiplayer modes, including capture-the-flag. These will likely prove solid additives, but it certainly seems that the largest amount of effort is being poured into the solo version of play


Opinie eksperta : Kevin VanOrd (gamer20.com)

PC - Quake 4 Impressions


Matthew ventures after his squadmates while picking off enemies in normal FPS fashion. As in Doom 3, Quake IV features plenty o f dark corridors and ambient lighting, lending character to a few surprise scares here and there. The alien Strogg enemies...

Joint Operations: Typ..


Opinie eksperta : One Pom (xboxzone.com.au)

Quake 4


The Strogg are back. This time their meaner, uglier and stronger than before. But this shouldn’t cause you too many problems as you’ll be locked and loaded with bigger, better and more powerful weapons to blast some alien scum in the latest...

Even though Quake 4 is nearly six months old, it’s still one of the launch titles for the Xbox 360. Six months in terms of a game is a long time. So unless you’re a real big Quake nut, and don’t have a PC that can run this game it’s not really worth...

Opinie eksperta : Kyle Ackerman (productsifter.com)

Quake 4


Online deathmatch is the ultimate game mode for those who have more faith in their own reflexes than in the cooperation of strangers. If you want to climb the ladder of professional gaming, or just prove that your trigger finger is the twitchiest,...

These are games of speed and reflexes. Study the maps well and know your weapons so that you can be competitive, lest you immediately fall (time after time) to your online competitors. Simply speaking, this is a genre in which players prove their...