Rabbids Go Home (Wii)

Rabbids Go Home (Wii)
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Opinie eksperta : Mike "Two Tone" McConnell (dignews.com)

Rabbids Go Home


Trying to imagine a new style of game for the Wii, many third parties fell far short. One third party developer that “got it” is Ubisoft. Rayman Raving Rabbids was a huge hit, and its sequel was a great improvement. The newest installment: Rabbids Go...

Expanding from the mini-game roots of the franchise is a risk worth praising ; Inventive co-op

The levels and gameplay can get repetitive over time

There are some problems. The 2 player mode is an expansion on the passive 2nd player approach from Galaxy, and though the 2nd player gets more attention, if you’re looking for a truly co-op experience, pass on this title. The game presents zero...


Opinie eksperta : Christopher Troilo (avault.com)

Rabbids Go Home- Wii


Rabbids Go Home marks the debut of the slightly deranged (but always comical) Rabbids in a console game without their usual anchor character, Rayman. The Rabbids have always been amusing creatures on their own, but are usually part of the backdrop or...

Rabbids Go Home is not a bad rental, to be sure, especially for the younger players who’ll most likely giggle at the antics in the game. It’s clever and fun, and those are the most important elements to a good gaming experience. Expect a few hours of...


Opinie eksperta : Greg Schardein (digitalchumps.com)

Rabbids Go Home


Why don't they just go home? That's their home! Are they to good for their home?

Rabbids Go Home is a strong recovery for the Rabbids franchise, shying away from the mini game conglomerations we've been accustomed to and bringing an entirely new adventure to the table featuring these misunderstood creatures. Relying on solid...


Opinie eksperta : Meghan Watt (gameshark.com)

Rabbids Go Home Review


Shooting for the Moon

Hilarious absurdity, challenging action in latter half of the levels, rabbid customization, simple controls

No multiplayer, repetitive levels, little content, half-hearted customization tools

Thankfully, Rabbids Go Home leaves every bit of the loveable wackiness intact. These crazy creatures are just as cuddly as they are fearful, and it's purely outstanding the way Ubisoft continues to top the insanity. The lack of multiplayer and the...


Opinie eksperta : Matt Cabral (atomicgamer.com)

Rabbids Go Home Review


Ubisoft's Rabbids series has treaded a similar critical path as the LEGO games. Both franchises were adored when they debuted, cited as original and inspired entries that mixed addictive gameplay with silly humor. Then, with each passing sequel, gamers...

Overall, though, Rabbids Go Home is a fun, often hilarious reboot of a franchise that desperately needed one. By not shoe-horning in Rayman, dropping the mini-game format, and crafting an enjoyable hybrid of the medium's most engaging...


Opinie eksperta (mmgn.com)

Rabbids Go Home Review


Those maniacal rabbits are 'as crazy as ever' in their latest outing.

Rabbids Go Home Review“Rabbids Go Home” may not have the most groundbreaking gameplay, level designs or controls but it is a game full of life, character and humour with some of the better cartoon-based graphics on the Wii. Play can get a little...


Opinie eksperta : Zach R. (BornOfAsh) (gamefocus.ca)

Rabbids Go Home


A few years ago, Ubisoft hit the jackpot, creating one of the most memorable minigame compilations on the Wii. Rayman: Raving Rabbids was, in fact, the premiere minigame franchise on the system. Its mad-cap cow tossing and outside-of-the-box puzzles...

Laugh-out-loud funny ; Gameplay is made fun, in spite of being one big collect mission ; Levels, characters are all excellently designed ; Customization options are neat ; Great soundtrack

but unfortunately audio drops out at some odd points ; Humour won’t appeal to everyone ; Co-op is a nice touch, but isn't overly deep

If initially the premise still doesn’t sound like much, again the level of comedy found here is well worth the price of admission. The Rabbids will leap from the cart or "inside" your Wii remote and attack characters and animals throughout levels,...


Opinie eksperta : Paul Newcombe (play.tm)

Rabbids Go Home


After being forced to suffer the previous outing of Rayman's annoying Rabbid friends, the stupidly pointless Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, I wasn't exactly chomping at the bit to get my hands on Ubisoft's latest extension of the Rabbids brand. Having loved...

Despite their continued lack of charm the Wii version of Rabbids Go Home is by far the fluffy maniac's best game. By focusing on more traditional gaming, rather than being yet another wagglefest, Rabbids Go Home serves as a subtle reminder that Michel...


Opinie eksperta : Ryan Olsen (kombo.com)

Rabbids Go Home


Rabbids Go Home is the very first time the mischievous, villainous little bunny type creatures star in their very first game without Rayman. The Rabbids want to make a journey back home and they think that home is on the Moon. To get to the moon, the...

The first couple of minutes will have you laughing and you won't stop until you beat the game or you set the game down for the evening. There is this wonderfully off-kilter humor that is so irreverent that every gesture of the Rabbids could be...

Rabbids Go Home is not a game for everybody. The humor might wind up being annoying to some people. I can't imagine that crowd being too large but it should be noted you need to be in or posses a wacky frame of mind to play this game

Rabbids Go Home is a crazy game created by wildly creative people. The energy and sense of fun is omnipresent to make Rabbids one of the most entertaining games this year on the Wii. If you have any inkling to play this game, you are likely to be...


Opinie eksperta : Pedro Hernandez (nintendoworldreport.com)

Rabbids Go Home


The Rabbids leave Rayman behind and embark on an inventive, hilarious adventure.

Inventive uses for the Wii Remote ; Easy-to-get-into gameplay ; Deep Rabbid customization modes ; Great soundtrack ; Incredible sense of humor

Repetitive ; Some frame rate problems

Don't tell James, he might die!