Pac-Man Party- Wii

Pac-Man Party- Wii
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Opinie eksperta : Eddy_DS_Fettig (

Pac-Man Party Review


This is how the cookie crumbles.

Bright, lively presentation and animation; Unique ideas in party board games; Original Pac-Man, Galaga, and Dig Dug

Mini-games are uninspired and unresponsive; Pacing is way too slow for a party game; Classic arcade titles are more engaging that the main content


Opinie eksperta : Cyril Lachel (

Pac-man Party


These days it feels like every popular mascot character has starred in their own party game. In the past ten years we've suffered through what felt like every Mario Party clone possible, from Sonic Shuffle to Crash Bash. If your favorite video game...

Pac-Man Party has a lot of the right elements, but Namco wasn't able to fit them together to make a worthwhile game. The end result is a board game that overstays its welcome and forces players to suffer through one uninspired mini-game after another....


Opinie eksperta : Daniel "monk" Pelfrey (

Pac-Man Party


Pac-Man Party is another entry in the crowded “party” genre for the Wii. A board game consisting of mini-games and video game controls, there isn't necessarily anything bad about Pac-Man Party, but there also isn't anything that great about it either....

Some fun to be had

Generic gameplay ; Nothing original or to set the game apart from the crowd

Pac-Man party isn’t a bad game, but it doesn’t have much to differentiate it from an already crowded genre that is marked by blandness. The game doesn’t even make great use of the Pac-Man license.


Opinie eksperta : Jenni (

Pac-Man Party Playtest: Suitable For A New Year’s Party


In honor of Pac-Man's 30th Anniversary, Namco Bandai has set out to remind us of Pac-Man's status as an icon by re-releasing his classics and revealing new games with him as the star. One of these is Pac-Man Party.


Opinie eksperta : Justin Last (

Pac-Man Party


I don't understand how Pac-Man Party and Pac-Man Championship Edition DX came from the same publisher at around the same time. The difference in quality and fun between the two titles is staggering. Pac-Man CE DX is a fun step forward from the...

Includes classic

Repetitive mini-games, Games take too long, power pellets have been replaced by cookies for no good reason


Opinie eksperta : Scott Alan Marriott (

Pac-Man Party


Released to celebrate Pac-Man's 30th anniversary, Pac-Man Party on Wii is a mini-game collection staring the golden gobbler and his closest pals. Similar in design to Nintendo's Mario Party series, up to four players will move their characters across a ga

Opinie eksperta : Gerd Schüle (

Test: Pac-Man Party


Pac-Man, eine Ikone der 80er Jahre, ist zurück! Aber diesmal nicht auf dem PC. Er hat seinen ersten Auftritt auf der Wii. Der Anlass: Die gelbe Kugel feiert ihren 30ten Geburtstag und lädt euch dazu ein. Die zahlreichen Minispiele in Pac-Man Party...

Eine typische, absolut durchschnittliche Minispielsammlung ohne große Schwächen und Stärken mit Pac-Man als Hauptfigur.


Opinie eksperta : Jonathan (

Pac-Man Party


Le jeu de plateau efficace ; Les mini-jeux bien foutus ; Les versions originales de Pac-Man, Galaga et Dig Dug

Pas vraiment original ; Les personnages moins classes que Mario, DK et Cie ; Pas de possibilité de créer des sélections de mini-jeux

Avec Pac-Man Party, Namco Bandai parvient à remettre au goût du jour la célèbre boule jaune. Si l'idée d'un énième party-game sur Wii avait de quoi faire un peu peur au départ, l'éditeur nous rassure bien vite une fois la Wiimote en main. Sans chercher...


Opinie eksperta : FireZdragon (

Pac-Man Party


Waka Waka Eh Eh...

Buona varietà di minigiochi ; I controlli rispondono bene ; Tre giochi arcade inclusi

Meccaniche lente e ripetitive ; Poco immediato ; Stanca presto ; Concorrenza agguerrita

“Le storie sono come i biscotti, alcune sono dolci, altre difficili da mandare giù”, Pac-Man Party si è rivelato un prodotto decisamente indigesto. Namco ha cercato di proporre un franchise noto, infarcirlo con minigiochi più o meno riusciti e proporlo...


Opinie eksperta : Logan (

Pac-Man Party


Alors que la Xbox 360 et la PS3 ont eu droit à un excellent Pac-Man Champion's Edition DX pour fêter les trente balais de la boule de gomme, la Wii devra se contenter d'un énième party-game. Est-ce une raison suffisante pour bouder le titre ? Grand...

Pac-Man opte pour le party-game sur Wii afin de souffler ses trente bougies. Bien adapté au support, le titre, fort de sa cinquantaine de mini-jeux, se montre vraiment très sympa avec trois potes. On y reviendra donc très souvent vu que les défis sont...