God of War: Ascension

God of War: Ascension
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Opinie eksperta : Stuff.tv (stuff.tv)

God of War: Ascension review


Awe-inspiring graphics, God bothering boss battles

Pernickety platforming, Little new in the single player

Single-player has always been the core God of War experience, and Ascension gives fans exactly what they want. Stunning visuals, plenty of violence, a raging Spartan antihero and another generous helping of gaming’s most jaw-dropping bosses. But while...


Opinie eksperta : Empire Online (empireonline.com)

God Of War: Ascension


With its sickening violence, epic sense of scale and delirious set pieces, God Of War: Ascension has everything Kratos fans have come to crave. But like going to a swanky restaurant, selecting your favourite meal and getting exactly what you ordered,...


Opinie eksperta : Destructoid (destructoid.com)

God of War: Ascension


How do you top something that was already considered over-the-top? Especially when this particular brand of over-the-top has become pretty familiar since in past eight years? We all know that God of War 's protagonist, Kratos, is an angry, super...


Opinie eksperta : NowGamer (nowgamer.com)

God Of War: Ascension Review


Our God Of War: Ascension review finds out if the latest Kratos adventure is a worthy addition to the series…


Opinie eksperta : eteknix.com (eteknix.com)

God of War: Ascension PlayStation 3 Review


Opinie eksperta : The Entertainment Depot (entdepot.com)

(PlayStation 3 Review) God of War: Ascension


God of War: Ascension might deliver a grander experience than comparable action titles, but that is largely due to the robust foundation created by previous releases, on which Ascension rests rather than builds upon. A rocky first half and litany of...


Opinie eksperta : Guardian (theguardian.com)

God Of War: Ascension – review


Opinie eksperta : Cosmos Gaming (cosmosgaming.com)

God of War: Ascension


+ Gorgeous graphics, wonderful cutscenes., + The same sense of beautiful destruction you have come to expect., + Deep elemental combat system despite lack of new weapons in single player., + Incredibly unique and interesting multiplayer.

- Secondary weapons are useful but feel rigid and kind of forced., - Non-linearity of the story takes away from the total package., - Slow start compared to the rest of the series.


Opinie eksperta : Techtree (techtree.com)

Review: God of War: Ascension


Epic boss battles; Great visuals; Good online multi-player element

Weak plot; Mediocre sound; No innovation


Opinie eksperta : Softpedia (softpedia.com)

God of War: Ascension Review (PS3)



+Classic gameplay with great new features, +Hectic yet impressive multiplayer, +Gorgeous graphics and locations

-Story lacks epic feel, -There are still a few glitches and bugs