Max Payne PC Game 3D REALMS

Max Payne PC Game 3D REALMS
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Doesnt age well.


This game come doesnt come in a full size box the packaging is the size of a cd.

Its a classic, Interesting story interesting gameplay dark and adult themed runs on basically any modern computer, very cheap

Doesnt age well the game was great for its time but the story is told in a comic strip that pops up when you reach an objective, the slomo was original when this game came out but this feels outdated compared to games like john woo presents:...


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A classic!


Max Payne is in a class of game like Bioshock. It combines solid, innovative action with incredible atmosphere and story. And amazingly they manage to improve on every element in Max Payne 2! Now that it's solidly in the bargain bin for a mere ten...

Max Payne has three really great features that make it a standout. First it uses the innovative Bullet Time combat system which has been used in later games such as F.E.A.R. Second, it has an engaging, graphic novel story that elevates the game beyond...

For starters, the story and dialog are occasionally juvenile and hokey at times. Some of Max' monologues are laughably corny ; Second, while the game looked great for its day, the visuals are certainly dated now and a little "blocky". They're stil good...


Opinie użytkowników (

A True Classic!


This must be a re-release of the game by a new publisher. (3D Realms) When this game was first released 10yrs.ago by Remedy Software, it was the buggiest piece of (ahem) "stuff" I'd ever seen. Then RockStar got ahold of it and patched it to perfection...

What the other guys said ; Heck, I played through both the Max Payne games just a few months ago "just for kicks". I guess it's like riding a bicycle........'cause it sure was easier this time

If it were bundled with "Max Payne 2" on DVD, I'd buy it again


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Max-imum Payne


A wonderful shooter for those who still have an older machine with slower CPU and graphics card who want a fun blaster game for very little money.

Great game. A little dated-but still worth playing every once in a while just for kicks. First person shooter action is wonderful. Good story line and fast paced

For the cost-none


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awesome game


gotta love the bullet time effects on this game, comic book type layout is a nice touch. i'd recommend to anyone who enjoys a great first person shooter.


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