Krups Premium 273

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rozmiaru, funkcjonalności, wyglądu


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Opinie użytkowników: def_17 (

Krups Built to Last


This is the second Krups coffee maker I own. The other one I have had for 13 years!!! I used to buy either Krups or Braun because in my mind they were both good quality made German products. But in the last 5 years, everything I bought that was Braun...

Long lasting

Quality Control Slipping?


Opinie użytkowników: shascall (

My Krups Coffee Maker


I recieved My Krups coffee maker as a gift. I love my four cup coffee maker. I would highly recommend it to a frend. The coffee maker is small and compact so it is just perfect for a small kitchen. It brews just the right amount of coffee for one...

makes good coffee easy to use

may not be big enough for everyone


Opinie użytkowników: JePense (

Krups coffee machines


This opinion comes from my husband as he is the coffee drinker in the family. We have only one brand of coffee machine in our household: Krups. When he was a bachelor, my husband had a Krups coffee machine. When we were engaged, he insisted that when I...

Reliable, high quality

none except that I would prefer to be able to purchase a Krups replacement glass coffee pot rather than having buy an entire new machine.


Opinie użytkowników: gharr99420 (

Great Coffee


I purchased the Krups Coffeemaker Premium about a year ago. I really like the way it makes the coffee.

Reusable Gold Filter, 12 cup capacity, automatic shutoff when getting a cup of coffee while brewing.

The glass coffee pot is difficult to use due to always spilling.


Opinie użytkowników: kmennie (

As stylish and functional as a good boyfriend


This is indeed a well-crafted coffee maker; it satisfied my two primary requirements easily: I want to be able to pour a cup while it's still brewing, and I don't want it to give me any trouble if I make a small pot. The Krups Premium has an actual...

Attractive, functional, easy to use, all the usual features

Price, difficulty of replacing carafe if it breaks, price, price...