Zotac 120GB SSD

Zotac 120GB SSD
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Opinie użytkowników (newegg.com)

Despite all the positive review, this SSD failed afte less than two months. I am (was) using this SSD to boot my FreeNAS and now I'm stuck! Newegg nee


I liked the positive reviews and the reasonable price, bu the unit did not stand up to those standards.

Failed in less than two months.


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brought the speeds up massively in a older pc (optiplex 360) boot time now under 5 seconds, no more waiting minutes for iTunes to open

Looks nice had no issue with setup or clone

one of the side mounting holes stripped out instantly


Opinie użytkowników (newegg.com)

Decent 120GB SSD


The benchmark below was run on an Ivy Bridge i5 with a Z75 chipset. The SSD was attached as a secondary and formatted NTFS. The test file size was 1GB. AS SSD Benchmark 1.8.5636.37293 ------------------------------ Name: ATA ZOTAC ZTSSD-A4P- SCSI Disk...

Performance - Great sequential and 4K read speeds Packaging - The product comes in a cardboard box with a molded plastic insert to hold the drive. The packaging is attractive and easy to open.

Performance - The sequential write speeds aren't stellar.


Opinie użytkowników (newegg.com)

Wow what I can I say about this drive for the price! Great deal!


I will buy this product in the future. Including a cloning program would have been nice.

Easy Install! Super Fast windows and game loads! Great Quality for the PRICE!

No Cons


Opinie użytkowników (newegg.com)

pretty good


first build, so im a little unfamiliar to any comparison, but it is fast, gives fast boots and zero trouble. so for me it is a very good choice, low cost and it does have enough memory.

not free


Opinie użytkowników (newegg.com)

What a Difference


- I don't have to much to base my review on. this is my first experience with SSD. But I have heard alot about them and how they can improve your system as the primary drive. So when I decided to build my new rig, I decided to get this. The...

- works great - a definite upgrade from HDD - first SSD used for OS and very impressed with boot speeds

- none


Opinie użytkowników (newegg.com)

ZOTAC 2.5" 120GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) ZTSSD-A4P-120G


Seq. Read/Write gets 275/165 in using SATA II controller. The write speed is close to advertised, but read speed requires a SATA III controller, which most of the newer systems already have.

Purchased this drive as a replacement for a broken hard drive on a SATA II system. Boot and application load times have decreased by a lot.

None at the time of writing this review.


Opinie użytkowników (newegg.com)

Packs a Punch


This little SSD took my 40-50 second boot times to 8-12 seconds. If that alone doesn't speak for itself, it also launches programs in almost an instant. The only thing I regret is getting such a small size.

- Extremely fast boot time - Small form factor

- No provided SATA cable You'd think with the price of SSDs these days, they would come with cables. But this is a minor complain.


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I'm hoping It was just me, but the SSD I received was bent slightly bent where the SATA power and data connector are. At first i didn't notice, until I attempted to plug in a SATA power cable. Its not the entire SSD that is bent to say, but it is the...

-Really? It's an SSD, it makes your PC boot in 10 seconds. -^Do I need to say more?

-Kinda bent


Opinie użytkowników (newegg.com)

fast good price


Had it for a week, loaded W10 no problems. It's all I could expect so far, only reason I did not give it a 5 is it's too early to tell. I've had 6-7 SSD's, diff makes, I would buy this again for the price range.

Fast, it works .

none so far